2018- Taif, Saudi Arabia

Zahid Tractor opens new branch in Taif 2018


2017- Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Zahid Tractor opens new branch in Tabuk 23/05/2017


2015- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor recognized as largest counterbalance dealer for Cat lift trucks worldwide.


2014- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor achieves ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 certification.


2013- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


The scheduled oil sampling lab is officially accredited as ISO 17025 compliant by the Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC).


2013 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor starts full utilization of its new Engine Rebuild Center (ERC), a 2,300 square meter, state-of-the-art facility fully dedicated to rebuilding all types of Caterpillar diesel engines. Located at the company’s main Kilo 5 workshop in Jeddah,

the ERC is equipped with 2 X 10 ton overhead cranes, 17 X jib cranes, and enough space for 17 X assembly bays, each

which can accommodate two engines simultaneously. Additionally, the ERC has a fuel injection pump repair and test room

and a 3,500hp engine dynamometer test bench.


2012- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor introduced the Future Contractors Program, the special initiative that provides individuals or SMEs with swift and affordable financing for construction machinery. 


2012 - Jazan, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor opens a new commercial vehicles facility in Jazan, one of the major economic cities in Saudi Arabia.


2012 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor is recognized for having the second highest sales globally for CAT’s engine oil manufactured by Exxon Mobil Corporation.


2012 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


New center of excellence in Jeddah, Zahid Tractor inaugurates its new engine rebuild center, a facility that was purposely built to provide customers with a quick turnaround time for rebuilding their engines while maintaining the five star contamination control standards.



2011 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Five D11R Cat certified rebuilds completed in a record 4 months for Mohammed Binladin company through a dedicated team at the Jeddah branch.



2010 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Zahid celebrates 30 years of partnership with Volvo during the Saudi construction show in Riyadh Khurais road K17 On 21 March.


2010 - Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Abha, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor commemorates the 60 years of partnership between Caterpillar and Zahid through a series of national events, where more than 1000 customers from across the Kingdom joined in open house events that were held in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Abha branches.


2010 - Dammam, Saudi Arabia


New SOS Lab opened in Dammam, Eastern region. The new lab equipped with the latest technology aims at serving the Kingdom’s growing machine population.



2009 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Haramain high speed railroad project: Zahid Tractor delivers 180 Cat machines for this 1.85 Billion USD project.


2008- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Stetter comes under the Zahid Tractor umbrella, offering concert solution equipment (concrete mixing plants, truck mixers, recycling plants, cooling system…)


Has authority to establish and open a Stetter assembly factory to serve Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.



 2008 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


First D10R Cat certified rebuild in the Middle East: Zahid Tractor successfully provides a second life to the D10R owned by Abdullah Ahmad Dossary Co. through the CCR program.



 2007 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


North South railway project: the Saudi railway company commenced a 900 Million USD railway project extending 2400 Km from Qassim to Riyadh.


Among the contractors involved in the project were: Al Swailem, Al Rashed, Binladin, Al Khodari, and Al Omaier. Over 400 Cat machines worked on this project.



 2006 - Makkah, Saudi Arabia


Jamarat project: Binladin group teamed with Zahid Tractor to begin a 3 years, 1.2 Billion USD project of rebuilding the jamarat bridge in Mena following the Hajj tragedy that year where 360 pilgrims lost their lives due to a stampede.


Cat machines were deployed equipped with hammers and multi- processors to help in demolishing the old Jamarat bridge.


The project was to be completed before the following Hajj season, a challenge that Cat machines successfully achieved. 



 2005 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor becomes the distributer of Daewoo buses in Saudi Arabia.



 2004 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor becomes the distributer of Renault trucks in Saudi Arabia.



 1996 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Number one dealer in Cat oil sales. Receiving the plaque is Sheikh Fahad Y. Zahid, Executive Vice President of Zahid Tractor. 

Zahid Tractor obtains ISO 9001 certification.



 1993 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Opening of the scheduled oil sampling lab (SOS) in Jeddah: equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Zahid Tractor is one of the largest fluid analysis service providers in the Middle East, conducting fluid analysis on more than 200,000 samples spanning 18 Zahid Tractor branches throughout Saudi Arabia, as well as from Yemen and Sudan.



 1982 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


The rental division was established in Jeddah to provide customers with short and long-term rental solutions. Today the rental division, with a growing fleet of more than 900 machines, operates 5 main Cat rental stores, located in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Yanbu, and Abha.



 1980 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor becomes the Kingdom's distributor of Volvo trucks in Saudi Arabia.



1967 - Makkah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid Tractor & Heavy Machinery company is officially founded in 1967.


King Faisal Al-Saud inaugurates the new Zahid Tractor branch in bab Makkah.



1950 - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zahid becomes the representative of Caterpillar in Saudi Arabia, operating out of a building in Jeddah, which was later inaugurated as Zahid Tractor's first branch.