The Challenger® name is recognized around the world as representing the ultimate in quality, reliability and advanced technology. A comprehensive range of high performance machines designed and built to maximize returns from agriculture, backed by AGCO’s unrivalled after-sales support network.


Renowned everywhere for its outstanding tracked tractors, the Challenger name can also be found on some of the finest track and wheeled tractors, combines, harvesters, hay and forage machinery, implements and application equipment.


Many large-scale farmers and contractors are benefiting as a result of their investment in Challenger machines, achieving much higher output, significantly lower production costs per acre/hectare and much tighter control on outgoings. In addition, the improved timeliness of operations that Challenger equipment makes possible means better establishment, bigger yields and crops of higher quality.


And remember, the relationship between Challenger and its customers doesn’t end on delivery of a new machine – that’s when it begins!



Serious Machine

Using revolutionary designs and groundbreaking technology, Challenger products combine high specifications with superior reliability, creating greater profitability for your business.


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